Sample Itinerary

Day 1: Saturday. Boarding at 11.00 AM. Check-in unpack, orientation, and safety briefing. 1 dive – Check dive – around New Providence

Day 2: Sunday. 3 daytime dives and 1 night dive today around Exuma Cays – Dog Rocks

Day 3: Monday. 4 daytime dives around Exuma Cays – Allan’s Cay

Day 4: Tuesday. 4 daytime dives around Exuma Cays – Highborne Cay

Day 5: Wednesday. 3 daytime dives and 1 night dive around West side New Providence

Day 6: Thursday. 2 daytime vies around West side New Providence. Last dive 13:00. Return to marina around 19.00.

Day 7: Friday. 08.00 am Breakfast. 09.00 am sign off.

Note: The base itinerary and maps are for illustrative purposes. The exact route and sites visited will be subject to the following factors:

  • Weather & Safety
  • Captain's discretion
  • Group's preferences & experiece level

Tour Highlights

✓ Explore the Exuma Cays, New Providence, and the Bahamas

✓ Up to 19 dives per trip

✓ Sharks, stingrays, angelfish, groupers, jacks, eagle rays, moray eels, lobster

✓ Wide range of dive sites including walls, wrecks, and blue holes

✓ All dives with highly trained & experienced dive guide(s)

✓ Dive from spacious skiffs

✓ Cozy catamaran, no crowds, max 8 divers

✓ Lounge area and shaded sun deck

✓ Diving courses of various levels are available


Dog rocks, Up Jump To Devil, Barracudas Shoals, Pillar Wall, Jewish Fish, Crab Wall, Madison Avenue, Lobster, Blacktip Wall, Washing Machine, Whale Shark Wall, Shark Arena, Heineken Wall, Ray of Hope, James Bond Wreck, Twin Sister, Sea Viking, David Tucker Wreck, Sea Trader Wreck, Port Nelson Wreck


Lost Blue Hole

The rim of this large blue hole lies in 40' of water surrounded by coral heads, stingrays and many schools of fish. There is a lobster filled crevice at 80'. In the sand surrounding the hole, divers will find many small fish such as Banded jawfish, Seminole gobies and Tobacco fish. There are usually 1 or 2 nurse sharks here and during the spring a large school of Blacknose sharks inhabits the bottom of the 200' hole. This is the location of the Bahamas first lionfish sighting.

Austin Smith Wreck

A 90' Bahamian Defense Force Cutter lying in 60’ of water that sank in 1995 while being towed to San Salvador to be sunk there as a dive site.

Highborne Cay

Dive with big animals, and get a change to be up close and personal.